Dear Mr Cook,

Please find enclosed my manuscript entitled “Initial Management of Newly Diagnosed Fibroids”. I have chosen to submit my article to “Gynacology Today” because the journal has already published articles on closely-related topics. The early identification and treatment of fibroids is crucial to prevent further complications. At present, there is a range of disease-modifying drugs to choose from, but it is still difficult to decide which drug to use with which patient. In this study, I report on my experience of various hormone drugs used in patients newly diagnosed with fibroids, and followed for two years.     I believe that the data reported in this article will be of interest to the readership of your journal.
This manuscript has not been published elsewhere and is not under review with another journal, and has been written in accordance with the journal’s Instructions to Authors.
Thank you in advance for considering my article for publication in “Gynacology Today”.


Sincerely yours ,

Susan Johnson, MD