The Human Body

Gap-fill exercise

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Inside the head is the , which is responsible for thinking. The top of a person's scalp is covered with . Beneath the hairline at the front of the face is the forehead. Underneath the forehead are the eyes for seeing, the nose for smelling, and the for eating. On the outside of the mouth are the lips, and on the inside of the mouth are the teeth for biting and the for tasting. Food is swallowed down the throat. At the sides of the face are the cheeks and at the sides of the head are the for hearing. At the bottom of a person's face is the chin. The jaw is located on the inside of the cheeks and chin. The is what attaches the head to the upper body.

Upper body
At the top and front of the upper body, just below the neck is the bone. On the front side of the upper body is the chest, which in women includes the breasts. Babies suck on the of their mother's breasts. Beneath the ribcage are the stomach and the waist. The navel, more commonly referred to as the , is located here as well. On the inside of the upper body are the heart for pumping blood and the lungs for breathing. The rear side of the upper body is called the back, inside which the spine connects the upper body to the lower body.

Upper Limbs
The arms are attached to the shoulders. Beneath this area is called the or underarm. The upper arms have the muscles known as triceps and biceps. The joint halfway down the arm is called the elbow. Between the elbow and the next joint, the , is the forearm. Below the wrist is the hand with four fingers and one thumb. Beside the thumb is the index finger. Beside the index finger is the middle finger, followed by the ring finger and the . At the ends of the fingers are fingernails.

Lower Body
Below the waist, on left and right, are the hips. Between the hips are the organs, the penis (male) or the vagina (female). At the back of the lower body are the buttocks for sitting on. They are also commonly referred to as the rear end or the bum (especially with children). The internal organs in the lower body include the for digesting food, the for holding liquid waste, as well as the liver and the kidneys. This area also contains the woman's , which holds a baby when a woman is pregnant.

Lower Limbs
The top of the leg is called the , and the joint in the middle of the leg is the knee. The front of the lower leg is the shin and the back of the lower leg is the . The ankle connects the foot to the leg. Each has five toes. The smallest toe is often called the little toe while the large one is called the big toe. At the ends of the toes are .