Letter of Referral 1

Dear Dr Smith,

I am referring to you a patient of mine, Mr Longman, 66 years old, for suspected heart disease. Mr Longman came to my surgery following …

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Cover Letter to an Editor

Dear Mr Cook,

Please find enclosed my manuscript entitled “Initial Management of Newly Diagnosed Fibroids”. I have chosen to submit my article to “Gynacology Today” because …

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Medicalenglish.biz offers the opportunity to learn and practise medical  vocabulary if you are a doctor, a medical student or another medical professional and you need to communicate with patients and medical colleagues.

We focus on vocabulary development but doctor-patient communication, history-taking and examination to diagnosis and treatment will also be highlighted. Medicalenglish.biz  develops all four skills through a variety of activities.

You can also learn about developments in medicine and the impact of information technology.